Suck Less, 3 Ways to Hack Reality

There’s an old saying, “Life sucks, and then you die!” It seems that we live in a world where we are constantly pushing for some random, unattainable goal or giving up and sitting on a couch until we’re covered in dust. Most compare our lives with those down the street or those we see on TV, and then cheer when we see those same people fail or falter under huge expectations.

MVR: Life Sucks



If life does suck, then what hope is there? If we live a series of unfulfilling days with momentary thrills scattered here and there, then why get out of bed?



I assure there is hope. Sure life isn’t easy, but it can be fulfilling. The key is to know what you are living for, and that is why Man V Reality (MVR) exists… to live a reality worth living and to explore our realities in community.



Let’s look at the three pillars that MVR is built on:


  • Visualize, KNOW THYSELF: The first uses of the phrase, “Know thyself” may have been used to keep yourself from bragging too much, in other words you better check yo-self before you wreck yo-self. For the purposes of MVR we will seek to understand ourselves, what makes us tick and how to live our lives in light of that knowledge.


  • Mobilize, EXPLORE THY WORLD: The world is big, so let’s conquer it before it’s too late! The great explorers of old (and explorers of the future… when Star Trek becomes a reality) sought a life of adventure and discovery by going where no man has gone before. MVR will go to places and explore how to make it better, faster and easier.


  • Realize, LIVE THY LIFE: Let’s be honest, we all want tomorrow to be better than today. Even if today is pretty good, we don’t want to step backwards. If we live a life pursuing what matters most, we can live life to the fullest, even when reality tries to rain on your parade.



Visualize, Mobilize and Realize a life that is worth living. What could you do today to give reality a good, swift kick in the pants? Make it say, “Fine! Have it your way!”


Eyes on the Prize

At the end of my life I hope I have the chance to reflect and look back at the choices, experiences and circumstances that led me to that point. I hope I can say that I led a life that was purposeful and enjoyable for myself and others. I hope I can say that it was a life worth living and that I don’t regret a thing. I hope.

But life gives no guarantees. There is no promise that I’ll live a long life, much less be able to look back and quantify if the life I lived was worthy. The only promise in life is that I have right now. I have right now to make a difference, and to make sure that what will soon be history is not filled with remorse and “should-haves”.

In media we see stories of people doing what they want in the moment only to see their reputations ruined and their lives in shambles. I too have the ability to royally mess things up if I don’t keep my eye on the prize. Keeping my eyes on the prize is the basis of Man V Reality.

Reality (or life) gives us circumstances that we don’t always ask for, some good some not-so-good. It is how we deal with reality that makes life woeful or exceptional. I want an exceptional life.

How about you? What could you do today to make life more fulfilling that it currently is? Come on, I know you have thoughts on what you could do today (or stop doing today) to make your life and reality better. Please share, I know I will. In fact, that is the purpose of this blog/site/community to spur each other on to living the lives we all want to live.